GLENN WHITTER has been located.
January 5, 2020 the RCMP received a phone call with information on Whitter's whereabouts.
Glenn Whitter passed Wednesday January 8th at 6 am from stage 4 stomach cancer.
Whitter was living in Eastern Ontario for the last 6 years, with another unsuspecting woman he met on POF.
Hopefully this should close the books for many individuals who were his victims.

Glenn Whitter

Glenn Whitter - A warrant has been issued for his arrest

Glenn Alexander (Desmond) Whitter has cancelled his email addresses and phone numbers. If anyone can supply an update please forward information here.

Alias Names:

Glenn Whitter
Glen Whitter
Glenn Whittir
Glen Whittir
Glenn Whitterre
Glen Whitterre
Glenn Duncan

Past Usernames from Plenty of Fish:

Mahogany_rush -  Joined 7/18/2007cdn-iceman – Joined 11/23/2008
Mahogany-ice - Joined  7/11/2009
Mahogany-Rush – Joined 7/23/2009
cdnfinanceman - Joined 3/12/2010
Cdn_Iceman – Joined 12/1/2010

*Women who are looking for a support group, or would like to talk to other women who have been working through this situation, please contact"

Glenn Whitter - A warrant has been issued for his arrest Glenn Whitter - A warrant has been issued for his arrest
Glenn Whitter - A warrant has been issued for his arrest Glenn Whitter - A warrant has been issued for his arrest
Glenn Whitter - A warrant has been issued for his arrest
Cpl. Marcel McLennan of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Hamilton Niagara Regional Detachment

Glenn Whitter - Raped Financially

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Glenn Whitter - Kickstarter Campaign

Click here to view the Documentary on CBC, Doc Zone - Dot.con
which aired November 20th

* Latest Warrant Issued: *

HAMILTON, ON, Sept. 4, 2014 /CNW/ - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) - Hamilton Niagara Regional Detachment Financial Crime Section have charged Glenn WHITTER, age 50, of the City of Toronto, Ontario with Fraud over 5,000 dollars pursuant to Section 380(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Police allege WHITTER targeted victims through on line dating social media. It is alleged that WHITTER solicited a victim to invest funds into WHITTER's company - CRETUS CAPITAL INCORPORATED, to be loaned to third parties for a six month period secured against real estate. WHITTER was to pay monthly interest payments. The victim did not receive their monthly payments nor did they have their investment funds returned. The third parties whom WHITTER presented as the recipients of the loans had no knowledge of, nor did they receive loans arranged by WHITTER. No lien was registered against the intended property that in fact was found to be owned by another person.

Glenn WHITTER has a warrant issued for his arrest and it is believed that he is residing in the Greater Toronto Area. WHITTER is being sought by the RCMP. He has also been known to use the aliases Desmond ALEXANDER, Glenn ALEXANDER, Glenn WHITTERRE and Glenn DUNCAN.

The RCMP would like to acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of the Peel Regional Police Service and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario in this investigation.

Anyone with any information about this alleged fraud or the location of WHITTER, is asked to contact the RCMP at 1-800-387-0020; Hamilton Niagara Regional Detachment Financial Crime at 905-643-5746 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

SOURCE Royal Canadian Mounted Police

For further information:

Cpl. Marcel McLennan
Hamilton Niagara Regional Detachment

The Hamilton Spectator

CBC Broadcasting is airing a documentary called "Dot Con" on the DocZone this Thursday, Nov 20th at 9 pm on CBC-TV.

Trailor for the documentary can be veiwed here.


Family Caregivers Unite

Family Caregivers Unite!
Monica Draper

Women Unite on the Web to Defeat Fraudsters

April 22, 2014

Monica Draper,, talks about her career and experience with family caregiving. She describes her experience with an alleged fraudster, and explains the effects that this experience had on her. She discusses her own experience and what she knows of the experience of other women in getting action from the police and justice systems. She identifies what she sees as the most important obstacles she and others face in getting money back from fraudsters. She explains how she wants to use the web to help women unite to defeat fraudsters, to overcome or work around the obstacles she and

others faced in getting action, and discusses the progress she’s made and what more she intends to do with the web. She says what more she would like to see done by the police, justice systems, governments and the finance and business sectors to help protect people like her against fraudsters. She shares her message for people like her about protecting themselves against fraudsters. Learn More »

Toronto Star Investigation ...

Read article on front page of paper, Friday February 7th, 2014

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Glenn Whitter please come forward. This man needs to be found.

Many more phone calls have been received by the RCMP. Most with shear disbelief that Whitter would do this. Some even asking where he is, and why he has not kept in contact with them. The dollar amount he has scammed from these women is unbelievable!

To date ... we don't know where Whitter is. One woman stated that she received a phone call from Whitter asking to sleep on her couch. Whitter tells these woman that he is down and out due to a woman he lived with from POF charging up his credit cards, stealing his money and clearing out his condo.

Take note that this is NOT TRUE. He was evicted from his condo for non payment of rent. He quickly left with some of his belongings and the RCMP have removed the remainder. If he wishes to reclaim his hockey equipment and whatever else he left behind, then he will have to contact the RCMP.

Only one story has been posted to date on this site, as most of the women are humiliated and embarrassed at what has transpired. Ladies ... if we do not say something then guaranteed Whitter will continue on in scamming more women. This is ALL he knows, this is his ONLY means of income. Who is he with now?

One Victims Story ...

I am sharing my story, and the stories of Glenn Whitter’s other victims, in order to inform current and potential victims on how he works his scheme.

February, 2009 I met cdn_iceman (aka, Glenn Whitter) on POF (Plenty of Fish), an online dating site. When Whitter learned I was a web designer, he started asking questions about building his own dating website.

Whitter let on that he was a Financial Specialist and a Mortgage Broker.   Whitter has since been charged by FSCO (Financial Services Commission Ontario) with 18 Mortgage Brokering Offences. He has NO licence and is NOT a Mortgage Broker as he states. 

This warning was not on the Internet when I started dealings with Whitter.

I was in the process of a divorce and vulnerable. Whitter seized the opportunity and suggested that I put the house in my name and refinance with him.  Whitter started the process for my mortgage under another agent, whom he employed (I have since found out that this was his live in girlfriend of 3 years).

In the interim, Whitter offered me money to help with my finances, of which I declined.  

I later realized that borrowing money, paying it back and ‘being helpful’ with finances and real estate is one of his tactics to build your financial trust.

Whitter and I had dated for 5 months.  When I requested that the relationship become exclusive, he agreed.  However, Whitter broke it off 2 weeks later via a phone call.  No reason stated … just that it was ‘him, not me’.  

Whitter maintained contact, however, under the guise of ‘business’, employing me to build him 5 websites:

Our relationship then built up as friends and working partners.

When my first mortgage deal closed with Whitter he requested a cheque for $1,850 towards purchasing Royal Bank Shares from one of his clients. According to him … this client needed to unload the stock quickly. I had asked numerous times for the investment to be returned; however it was always met with an excuse.

January 2010 Whitter told me that one of his mortgage deals had gone bad, and blamed the entire fiasco on his Real Estate Agent (past live-in girlfriend).  I was told that it was a 2.6 million dollar church deal (with a black minister) that had fallen through. Whitter stated that the paperwork was given to the purchasers Real Estate Agent who altered the % rate to a lower amount. According to Whitter, his Real Estate Agent (live in girlfriend) did not follow up with the paperwork in a timely fashion therefore it was not detected.  Whitter stated that he could not supply the altered interest rate, therefore he was he was held liable for the entire transaction. 
Whitter stated that he had to sell his house in Cambridge, mortgage his condo in Etobicoke and sell all his RBC shares to repay the deal.  He was still short, so he “cried and begged” for me to help him.

Take note … Whitter owns NO home in Cambridge, and does NOT own a Condo.  He has since been evicted from the Condo for non-payment of his rent. 

Presently his whereabouts are unknown.

Whiter then arranged for another mortgage refinance on my property, and made arrangements to pay back the money monthly.

When I queried his Real Estate Agent (former live in girlfriend) about this transaction, she stated that there was no such deal.  Apparently she left due to the shady dealings he was involved in, along with mention of domestic violence.

FSCO informed me that Whitter had given out 2 second mortgages on my property to one of his other clients.  This was done without my knowledge, whereby he had forged my signature and pocketed the money.

Whitter has been operating a “Ponzi Scheme”:

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going.

In 2003, Whitter had defrauded an elderly woman out of $245,000. Charges were laid. Whitter DID NOT attend either of his last court dates, therefore a Warrant has been issued for his arrest. Whitter was given 10 years to repay this senior.   It is believed that the money I mortgaged has gone to repay the $165,000 scammed from this senior, leaving $80,000 still outstanding. Whitter learned from that case where he left a paper trail. Since that time he evolved to where he trolled for women on social media, particularly POF to befriend them and do what it would take to gain their trust and eventually receive money from them. 

There is far more to the story, which will be made available in time.

This website will be kept active, however under the domain names of
and with updates as they become available.

To date there have been over 30 women who have notified the RCMP, with a total of over $500,000 scammed.

Anyone wishing to share their story, please click here.

Let’s pray that justice prevails, and NO MORE women have to financially suffer under this man’s shenanigans.

Whitter needs to be STOPPED, AND pay the price for his wrong doings. Incarceration is justice.

If you have a story or information that you would like posted on this website, please click here. Be assured that your name will not be used.

Glenn Whitter - Ontario Court of Justice

A Warrant has been issued for the arrest of Glenn Whitter.


Glen Whitter
Glenn Whittir
Glen Whittir
Glenn Whitterre
Glen Whitterre

Whitter did not appear for his May 31st or the June 17th court date.

A Warrant hasbeen issued for his arrest.

Whitter has been charged with defrauding an 80 year old woman out of $245,000. Whitter was given 10 years to repay his victim. To date $165,000 has been repaid (by further fraudulent behaviour); $80,000 is still outstanding.

Whitter has been evicted from his condo.

While it has been heard that he is heading down to Florida to visit with his Uncle, this information has not been validated. Whitter has regularly lied about his family and their statuses. He has told his other fraud victims that his mother died (committed suicide), his sister has died (multiple times, most recently, February 2013), his aunt has died (November 2012). His mother and his sister are still alive. The status of his other family members is unsure.

Whitter has NO home and NO vehicle.

The RCMP provided The Crown with evidence on how Whitter has defrauded over 30 other women from POF for a sum total of over $500,000. Whitter still has victims waiting for the opportunity to talk to the RCMP, and more are coming forward.

Additional complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau and further charges are being filed in Small Claims Court.

This website will be continuously updated with information from the victims (names withheld), with a blog upcoming.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario - FSCO

click here for origional posting from FSCO

Glenn Whitter is not licensed to do mortgage brokering business in Ontario

As a result of recent complaints, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is reminding consumers that Glenn Whitter is not licensed to do mortgage brokering business in Ontario.

Glenn Whitter appears to be affiliated with Cretus Capital Inc. and Whitcor Consultant.

FSCO would like to hear from any consumers who have done mortgage brokering business with Mr. Whitter or one of the companies that he is affiliated with.

If consumers arrange a mortgage from a mortgage brokerage, broker or agent that is not licensed in the province, they are not protected under the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006 , which holds Ontario’s mortgage brokerages, administrators, brokers and agents to specific standards.

FSCO’s website contains a list of all mortgage brokerages, administrators, brokers and agents licensed to do business in Ontario as well as tips on shopping around for a mortgage.

A licensed Ontario mortgage brokerage, administrator, broker or agent can provide information and advice on the risks involved in borrowing, lending or investing for different mortgage products.

Samuel Tharmarajah
Compliance Officer
416 590-7135

What to Do If You Think You are a Victim of a Scam or Fraud